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解析文化創意產業的媒體神話—— Van Gorp 框架化分析取徑
Exploring the Media Myth of Cultural and Creative Industries—Using Van Gorp’s Approach to Framing Analysis
作者 劉蕙苓
Author Huei-Ling LIU
關鍵詞 文化創意產業、框架化分析、框架包裹、意識形態、文化公共領域
Keywords cultural and creative industry, framing analysis, frame package, ideology, culture and public sphere
摘要 本研究以Van Gorp「框架包裹」取徑分析2010–2016年之文化創意產業相關新聞,探究媒體框架隱含之社會文化現象,藉此反思媒體在文化公共領域的角色。在分析3,445則新聞發現,媒體透過不同的框架化過程,將社會主流的經濟價值嵌入新聞內容中,把文創產業建構成為台灣文化沒落與產業瓶頸的有效「解方」;呈現在新聞中的文化價值與經濟價值雖有拉鋸仍居弱勢。批判反思之對立框架雖然存在,但影響有限。透過經年累月的儀式性報導,媒體與社會文化交互影響,建構了文創產業的「神話」,也提供它成為社會流行的基礎。然而,本研究發現媒體相關論述乃強化主流意識形態,並未提供多元、理性溝通,媒體作為文化公共領域中介顯然不足。
Abstract Based on the media’s role in the cultural public sphere, this study explores the hidden social and cultural phenomena of media framing using Van Gorp’s approach to framing analysis to examine news about cultural and creative industries. The results of the analysis of 3,445 news items publicized between 2010 and 2016 showed that through various media framing processes, economic value, as the social mainstream, was embedded in news content, which served to construct cultural and creative industries. This economic value led to the revitalization of culture in Taiwan and provided an effective solution to the bottlenecks encountered in other industries. In the fluctuating emphases on cultural and economic values in news content, the latter were usually privileged. The counter frame of critical reflection existed, but its impact was limited. The findings also suggested that a myth of cultural and creative industries was constructed through the repetition of news disclosures and interactions between the media and social culture, thus preparing the ground for its popularity. The results indicate a lack of pluralistic and rational communication, although media discourses seemed to have strengthened the mainstream ideology. Thus, the role of media as a public mediator in the cultural public sphere has not been satisfactory.

本文引用格式﹕劉蕙苓(2021)。〈解析文化創意產業的媒體神話—— Van Gorp 框架化分析取徑〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第58 期,頁99-133。

Citation of this article: Liu, H.-L. (2021). Exploring the media myth of cultural and creative industries—Using Van Gorp’s approach to framing analysis. Communication and Society, 58, 99–133.
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