October  2021 58
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Still Like Being a Couch Potato: Parasocial Interaction and Self-Reflection in the Television Audience
作者 陳志賢
Author Chih-Hsien CHEN
關鍵詞 擬似社會互動、電視、溝通焦慮、污名化、第三人效果認知
Keywords parasocial interaction, television, anxiety about communication, stigmatization, third-person perception
摘要 相較於Web 2.0鄉民參與的酷炫生猛,電視的擬似社會互動有時容易被低估與誤解,數位時代仍愛看電視、愛對電視說話的人彷彿多為老人、女人與低教育程度者。本研究之目的即是希望展現這些觀眾的自我反思,期望透過邊緣的眼光,發現舊媒體新對話的價值。根據參與觀察與深入訪談資料,本研究發現,擬似社會互動其實也出現在年輕人、男人與高教育程度者身上,只是少數男性觀眾傾向於低估或合理化自己的擬似社會互動,卻高估、甚至鄙視其他人的擬似社會互動。對這群電視觀眾而言,互動的關鍵在於媒體內容,而不是科技形式;在於擬人化的情緒投入,而不是科技軟硬體的匯流升級。只要電視文本能觸動觀眾的情緒與連結他/她們的生活經驗,觀眾經常就能主動填補單向文本的意義縫隙,並且投入感情。一旦如此,單向的擬似社會互動就宛如雙向的親身溝通互動,受訪者甚至覺得更有彈性、更無壓力、更符合需求、更能沉澱思考。
Abstract Compared with the trendy participation in Web 2.0, parasocial interactions of the television audience have long been both underestimated and stigmatized. It is assumed by many that those who still like watching television are elders, women, and the underclass. The study aims to enable the voices of these marginalized viewers to be heard and, through their eyes, the values of one-way communication of traditional mass media are highlighted. Based on the analysis of data gathered in participatory observations and in-depth interviews, the results did not show significant age, gender, and educational differences in the participants’ involvement in parasocial interaction. The viewers in this study interacted with television based on the appeal of the media content as well as their personal technological devices. Even in interacting with old media, the viewers could make sense of closed texts and complete them with their own interpretive repertoire and affective involvement. Thus, the one-way communication of the old media was perceived as two-way personal interactions. Some viewers even regarded such parasocial interactions as more flexible, comfortable, desirable, and reasonable than those through digital media.

本文引用格式﹕陳志賢(2021)。〈仍愛沙發上的馬鈴薯:電視觀眾的擬似社會互動與自我反思〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第58 期,頁135–168。

Citation of this article: Chen, C.-H. (2021). Still like being a couch potato: Parasocial interaction and self-reflection in the television audience. Communication and Society, 58, 135–168.
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