January  2023 63
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Study on the Influence Mechanism of COVID-19 Vaccination Intention: An Application of Protection Motivation Theory
作者 鄒霞、劉蒙闋、劉煥、謝金文
Author Xia ZOU, Mengque LIU, Huan LIU, Jinwen XIE
關鍵詞 互聯網接觸、人際接觸、主觀規範、威脅評估、效應評估
Keywords Internet exposure, interpersonal exposure, subjective norms, threat appraisal, coping appraisal
摘要 本文以保護動機理論為基礎,通過對杭州、無錫、西安、重慶四地的問卷調查和數據收集,研究個人資訊源、威脅評估、應對評估和主觀規範對新冠疫苗接種意願的影響機制。通過數據分析我們發現:(1)互聯網接觸對感知嚴重性、自我效能、反應效能、主觀規範具有顯著正向影響,對感知易感性和反應成本的影響不顯著;(2)人際接觸對感知易感性、自我效能、反應效能、反應成本、主觀規範具有顯著正向影響;(3)主觀規範、自我效能、反應效能對新冠疫苗接種意願具有顯著正向影響,其中自我效能的影響最大,其次為主觀規範,最後為反應效能;反應成本對新冠疫苗接種意願具有顯著負向影響;感知易感性和感知嚴重性對新冠疫苗接種意願的影響不顯著;(4)互聯網接觸對新冠疫苗接種意願具有積極顯著的影響,人際接觸對新冠疫苗接種意願的影響不顯著。
Abstract Based on protection motivation theory, this study conducted a questionnaire survey and data collection in Hangzhou, Wuxi, Xi’an, and Chongqing to study the influence mechanism of personal information sources, threat appraisal, coping appraisal, and subjective norms on intentions to vaccinate against COVID-19. Through data analysis, we obtained the following findings: (1) Internet exposure had a positive significant effect on perceived severity, self-efficacy, response efficacy, and subjective norms but no significant effect on perceived susceptibility and response cost. (2) Interpersonal exposure had a positive significant effect on perceived susceptibility, self-efficacy, response efficacy, response cost, and subjective norms. (3) Subjective norms, self-efficacy, and response efficacy had significant effects on COVID-19 vaccination intention, of which self-efficacy had the greatest influence, followed by subjective norms, and then response efficacy. Moreover, response cost had a negative effect on COVID-19 vaccination intention, and the effects of perceived susceptibility and perceived severity on COVID-19 vaccination intention were not significant. (4) Internet exposure had a positive significant effect on COVID-19 vaccination intention, whereas interpersonal exposure had no significant effect on COVID-19 vaccination intention.


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Zou, X., Liu, M., Liu, H., & Xie, J. (2023). Study on the influence mechanism of COVID-19 vaccination intention: An application of protection motivation theory. Communication and Society, 63, 167–201.
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