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Agenda Setting and Covid-19: Misinformation from Social Network Sites to Traditional Media
作者 陳憶寧
Author Yi-Ning Katherine CHEN
關鍵詞 社群媒體、虛假資訊、新冠肺炎、跨媒體議題設定、傳統媒體
Keywords social media, false informsocial media, false information, Covid-19, intermedia agenda setting, traditional media
摘要 本研究以跨媒體議題設定角度探討新冠肺炎在台灣發展的最初三個月中,傳統與社群媒體的虛假資訊,嘗試分析數量、語調與主題的不同。本研究依照兩家最活躍的事實查核機構所判定的虛假訊息39則,蒐集台灣四家主要報紙總共129則相關報導,在社群媒體部分由台灣意藍公司開發的軟體OpView進行資料蒐集相關的帖文共11,610筆。經過內容分析以及社群數據蒐集的語意分析,檢視虛假資訊在社群媒體與傳統媒體的關係,分析顯示社群平台與傳統媒體在第一層級有顯著正相關。在第二層級上,則出現「有力的論證」。在主題上,傳統媒體報導最多的依序是醫學相關的疾病影響、社區傳播、官方機構的作為以及病毒如何傳播。在社群媒體主題依序是疫情衍生出的行為、醫學相關的疾病影響、準備與預防。綜合各項發現,雖然新冠肺炎讓虛假資訊有機會在社群上散播,且假訊息也出現在傳統媒體上,但在語調與類型上的呈現顯示傳統媒體有所把關。
Abstract This study used an intermedia agenda setting framework to compare the quantity, tone, and themes of false information as it appeared on traditional and social media during the first three months of the Covid-19 outbreak in Taiwan. Based on 39 major false information items selected by two fact-checking agencies, a total of 129 relevant news articles from the four major newspapers in Taiwan were collected. The data from social media (a total of 11,610 items) were collected via OpView, which was developed by I-Land Company, for analysis. Examined through the lenses of agenda setting, content analysis of news articles, and semantic analysis of social data items, Spearman rank order correlations showed positive relationships between false information as found on various social media platforms and within the bounds of traditional media in both the first and second levels of agenda setting. In thematic terms, traditional media covered the broadest range of subjects in the order of the impact of medical-related diseases, followed by local transmission, the actions of official agencies, and, finally, how the virus spreads. The major themes on social media are the behaviors derived from the pandemic, the impact of medical-related diseases, and preparation for and prevention of the pandemic. Our findings reveal that the Covid-19 pandemic has given fake news an opportunity to spread on social media and for false information to appear in traditional media. Despite this, the tones and types of news items demonstrate that traditional media has a gatekeeping influence on false information.


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Chen, Y.-N. K. (2023). Agenda setting and Covid-19: Misinformation from social network sites to traditional media. Communication and Society, 63, 101–133.
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