October  2023 66
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From Invisible to Visible Cooking: Social Media’s Limitations and the Empowerment of Women as Mothers
作者 賴曉芸、蕭蘋
Author Hsiao-Yun LAI, Ping SHAW
關鍵詞 母職、家務勞動、社群媒介、公/私領域、新自由主義
Keywords motherhood, domestic labor, social media, public/private spheres, neoliberalism
摘要 當社群媒介成為一種日常科技,女性經常在線上社群分享過去不為人所見的家務過程與成果,社群媒介在此似乎模糊了公/私領域的界線,甚至也模糊家務是工作還是休閒的定義。本研究試圖探索,當家務不再只是責任或工作,女性與家務的關係會產生何種變化?女性與公/私領域的距離又會產生甚麼樣的改變?社群媒介對女性究竟是限制或是賦權?我們使用網路民族誌法針對臉書社團「冷便當社」進行觀察,並對其中五位活躍的成員進行深度訪談。結果發現,女性在社群媒介中展演廚務的工作與成果,可以看出下廚對她們的意義有二:一方面是為了做母親,實踐她們的家庭責任,另一方面則是為了做自己,發展興趣與創造休憩的空間,這其中所展演的是新自由主義認同和密集母職的緊密結合。而線上社群則創造了一個較為寬廣的公共領域,讓人看見另類的母職敘事與原來備受忽視的家務勞動。
Abstract When social media became a daily technology, women began to participate in the online community by sharing the previously invisible processes and results of housework. Social media have blurred the boundary between public and private spheres, including whether housework may be defined as work or leisure. This study attempts to explore how women’s relationships with housework would change if housework were no longer considered a responsibility or a job. How would the boundary between the public and private spheres change? Does social media restrict or empower women? We used netnography to observe the Facebook community “Cold Lunch Box Club,” and conducted in-depth interviews with five active members. The results showed that women consider themselves mothers on the one hand and autonomous persons on the other, which indicates the intensifying integration of a neoliberal identity and intensive mothering. In addition, social media have created a wider public sphere where alternative motherhood narratives emerge and devalued domestic labor becomes visible.


Citation of this article:
Lai, H.-Y., & Shaw, P. (2023). From invisible to visible cooking: Social media’s limitations and the empowerment of women as mothers. Communication and Society, 66, 165–199.
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